Other Versions of Released Songs

Almost Lover (Radio Mix) (4:22) – Similar to the normal version this version has some backup vocals and beats added.

Almost Lover (Remix) (3:54) – A shortened intro and more battery work made this version preferred by some.

Almost Lover (Radio Edit) (3:54) – Really similar to the normal one this version only have a different shortened intro.

Blow Away (Radio Edit) (3:50) – This version with a shortened intro was made specially to the radio.

Blow Away (Live at WKRQ, Cincinnati) (3:54) – An acoustic stripped down version that was given for free on the official A Fine Frenzy site when the single was released.


Almost Lover(4:32)

Bomb in a Birdcage:

What I Wouldn’t Do – 2:57
New Heights – 4:12
Electric Twist – 4:31
Blow Away – 4:09
Happier – 3:30
Swan Song – 3:43
Elements – 3:24
The World Without – 4:15
Bird of the Summer – 3:18
Stood Up – 4:48
The Beacon – 3:22


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