Live Covers

Across the Universe [The Beatles] – Alison covered this great song live countless times. Minneapolis 3-11-2008/Hamburg 13-04-08 / Dallas 30-03-08 / Philadelphia 24-3-2008 / Philadelphia 23-3-2008/ The Roxy Theatre 4-3-2008 .

Down in the Valley (Birminghan Jail) [Traditional]– Alison and Omar covered this song together on a video posted to promote an application to Ipad. You can watch it here.

Fever [Little Willie John] – Although Alison covered this song live, she also released a studio version on the OST of the movie “Dan in Real Life” (you can check the desctiption to this song here). St. Louis 22-10-07 / Hannover 2009 .

Heart of Glass [Blondie] – Alison covered this song many times live too, but althought there isn’t a high quality sound
version available, some versions have a pretty acceptable sound quality. Anaheim 18-11-09 / Los Angeles 17-11-2009/ Los
Angeles 17-11-2009 (2)
/ Seattle 09-11-09 /Boston 2-11-2009/ Boston 2-11-2009 (2)/ Boston 2-11-2009 (3) / Unknow 1-11-09 / Philadelphia 30-10-2009 /New Orleans 27-10-2009 / New Orleans 22-10-09 .

I Will Follow You Into The Dark [Death Cab for Cutie] – One of the most beautiful covers Alison ever did live, there are many videos of this song, and some medium quality versions on youtube. Colorado 26-02-09 / Mannheim 30-11-08 / Vienna 26-22-08 / Berlin 16-11-08 / Unknow 03-04-08 /Salt Lake City 01-04-08 / Salt Lake City 01-04-08 (2) / Unknow 30-03-08 / Texas 28-03-08 / Unknow 24-03-08 / Minnesota 11-3-08 /Detroit 14-03-08 .

I’ll Follow the sun [The Beatles] – Another great classic performed beautifully by Alison. One of the versions available feats  Landon Pigg and Among The Oak & Ash. Berlin 17-05-10 /Amsterdam 13-05-10 / Los Angeles 17-11-09 /Seattle 9-11-09 / Boston 2-11-09.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – a beautiful live cover of a tradicional christmas song. This was performed live at least one time, and Alison uploaded to her youtube account one home video of her singing this song (to see it click here).

Ring of Fire [Johnny Cash] – Unfortunately there is only one version of this great cover, but the sound quality is pretty  acceptable. Heinsheim 30-04-10.

Seven Nation Army [The White Stripes]- Alison sang this one numerous times live, and there are some high quality versions
available. A great rendition of another brilliant song. Kaufleuten 09-09 HQ/ Lucerne Festival 2009 HD / Mannheim 30-11-08 / Berlin 16-11-08 / Cologne 15-11-08 .

The Things We Did Last Summer [Jo Stafford ] – Another cover that had a studio version released, in this case on the EP “ His Songs, Our Ways” (you can check the desctiption to this song here). There is only one live video for this cover live. Schloss  Heinsheim 02-05-10.

The Way You Make Me Feel [Michael Jackson]– Alison covered this song live several times and there is one high quality version available. A beautiful tribute to the king of pop. Lucerne Festival 2009 HQ / California 10-09-09 /Zurich 09-09

Yellow Brick Road [Elton John] – Alison and Brandi Carlile covered this song thogheter back in 2007. There are only two  versions available, but there are amazing, even though sound quality isn’t great. Burlington Vermont 07-10-07 / Boston 05-10-07 .


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