Studio Songs

Attention: Due to the fact that some so called “fans” are leaking these songs on sharing sites like youtube, we are no long updating this section (Unreleased Studio Songs). Although we have more songs than the ones we list we think that listing them would only increase the likelihood of more leaks. So if you have questions about these songs of if you wish to talk about them please contact us by email (

Begin The End (Alison Sudol; Hal Cragin; Lukas Burton) – Break-up song. Sounds close to the songs of her first band “Monro”.

(Alison Sudol; Hal Cragin; Lukas Burton)– A song with a blues felling about a letdown and the love and protection of daddies. Beautiful well written lyrics.

(Alison Sudol; Hal Cragin; Lukas Burton) – A Beautiful arrangement, driven by piano. It’s about moving on after
a relationship.

I’ll be Fine
(Alison Sudol;?)– A demo of an unreleased song by Alison Sudol. A piano based ballad about a heartbreak.

(Alison Sudol; Hal Cragin; Lukas Burton) – A song about being different. With an indie electronic arrangement rare in Alison songs.

[movie version] (Alison Sudol, Aaron Zigman) – A well known song by the fans, who claim that this is one of her best songs. See the petition for an official release of a studio version of this song here.

[edited version] (Alison Sudol, Aaron Zigman) -This is an edited version, shorter, but with HQ sound and without screaming. Beautiful as the movie version, but nicer to listen.
There are some other songs wrote by Alison, that we never heard about:
If you have ever heard any of these songs please contact us (
Break Me (Alison Sudol, Nick Sample)

Bring me down
(Alison Sudol; )

(Alison Sudol, Daniel Wilson)

Don’t let me go
(Alison Sudol, Lori Barth, Christopher de Stefano) (also known as Don’t Let Me Fail)

Ever Since You’ve Been Gone
(Alison Sudol, Lori Barth, David Merenda) (also known as Since You’ve Been Gone)

Feel like Monroe
(Alison Sudol; )

Friend or Foe
(Alison Sudol; Lukas Burton) (also known as Friend of Foe)

Get it Back
(Alison Sudol; Lukas Burton)

(Alison Sudol; Nicklas Sample)

Like it
(Alison Sudol; Brett Epstein)

(Alison Sudol; Hal Cragin; Lukas Burton)

Miss Perfect
(Alison Sudol; )

(Alison Sudol; Todd Sapio)

On a Train
(Alison Sudol; Hal Cragin; Lukas Burton) (also known as TRAINS)

(Alison Sudol ; Richard Roccapriore)

Say you will
(Alison Sudol; )

So this is life
(Alison Sudol; )

Those Eyes
(Alison Sudol)

(Alison Sudol; )

(Alison Sudol, Nick Sample)

What you Want
(Alison Sudol; ?)

We Are Nothing
(Alison Sudol; ?)

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jenny
    Oct 24, 2010 @ 00:15:37

    Where could I listen to these rare songs? Because I LOVE her music!


    • afinefrenzymusic
      Oct 28, 2010 @ 21:00:34

      Hi Jenny!
      Some of them like “Ride-Goldrush (movie version)” and “I’ll be fine” are on youtube, and some others you can’t listen anywhere on the web, that’s why they are rare.Thanks for comment, have a great day


  2. Mimi
    Oct 30, 2010 @ 02:49:40

    I only have the ones you have- And I adore them all! I really wanna hear the full studio of Ride-Goldrush- It seems so amazing. But all of there music is amazing. Of corse :)


  3. Lisaaaa
    Jan 18, 2011 @ 23:39:43

    I am a huge huge huge fan of Alison’s work!
    How did you find out about these songs?!?! And how did you get hold of them? I’ve heard some on youtube, but I’d like to find out how to track others down myself – I can imagine it took you a long time!
    Thanks so much!


    • afinefrenzymusic
      Jan 21, 2011 @ 19:45:01

      We have been searching for a long time for Alison’s songs. If you get lucky you can find some rare promo Cds on ebay and websites like that. Some of the songs we have were streamed on Alison’s website too. Anyway most of these rare songs are hard to find, but good luck! If you find someting we don’t have please contact us. Have a nice day!


  4. Justin
    Jan 25, 2011 @ 22:02:32

    I just sent messages to about 8 different people on youtube with great voices to request they do a cover of “Ride-Goldrush”, since I’m getting no response from A Fine Frenzy’s myspace admin. Hope this brings the song into the limelight!


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